I don’t know why everyone is freaking about the whole “selfie” craze. I mean, I could understand why you would freak out about the...

Futuristic love bra: modern chastity belt?

If you were to ask a woman what she looks for in a quality bra, she would likely respond something to the effect of,...

Love in the age of social media

On Feb. 7, the Department of Philosophy and Religion hosted its first Philosophical Friday lecture of the 2014 spring semester, “The Fall of Eros:...

Piracy is stealing, end of story.

Currently, one of the most popular parts of our culture today is piracy. When this topic is discussed, many men and women think of...

I wouldn’t steal a car, but I might download one.

Have you ever been watching a movie and noticed the extremely ironic anti-piracy ad? The ad said, “you wouldn’t steal a handbag, you wouldn’t...

New console wars on horizon

With the release of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, commentary on the “console wars” has been flying, begging every gamer to pick...

Hacked over the holidays

At the start of the new year, popular applications Snapchat and Skype were hacked in unrelated incidents. According to www.guardianlv.com, two of the most popular...

Google & Bing work toward universal translators

When Google and Bing first released their translation services, it helped make the world a little bit smaller. Phrases could easily be typed or...

Netflix changes how you view TV

A revolution is taking place in home entertainment.  In fact, you can take the “home” out of the equation entirely. Today’s college students no longer...

Common Mac myths busted

Over the years, some dated computer jokes have been told in the computer science field, especially among students.  A once popular one was "What...

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