Students resolve to make better habits

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As 2017 rang in, Southern Miss students found that the “New Year, New Me” motto would be an ineffective solution to the previous year’s woes. Instead, they are focusing on bettering themselves as students in their own unique ways.

Although making these resolutions is a simple task, maintaining them is more difficult.

According to Ameritech College of Healthcare, common resolutions for college students are to study harder and more often, aim for perfect attendance, sleep more, avoid procrastination by finishing assignments at least one day in advance and make healthier choices.

Although “working under pressure” is a common method for students to get papers, studying and projects done, the less stressful counterpart is to complete responsibilities beforehand. Students tend to underestimate the amount of work needed to get done and the time it takes, leading to cramming and a minimum effort put into work. This can result in lower grades and other penalties, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Senior music education major Florence James believes students are lacking spiritual guidance.

“This generation, so to speak, doesn’t have spiritual guidance or a moral awareness, so they think they can do what they want to, which includes procrastination,” she said. “My spiritual relationship with God and disciplining myself and going beyond my limits and pushing myself more. As a student, I need to practice my instruments and sing more.”

Ameritech College of Healthcare suggests that being specific in one’s goals helps make them a reality.

Start by writing down when your assignments are due. Make your due date one day earlier.

Junior psychology major Alexis Chiles aims to up her academic performance at the same time as improving her athletic skills as a member of the Track and Field team.

“I need to balance my academics and my athletics better than I did last semester,” she said. “I need to get my study hall hours in, actually read the materials, take better notes.”

Just like 21.4 percent of Americans in 2017, – according to Statistic Brain – Chiles aims to better her eating habits.

“Diet and trying to lose weight is a life struggle,” Chiles said. “We workout and run and practice a lot, and I just need to meal plan better. I live off campus and it’s a little harder for me to eat as often as I’m supposed to eat. It’s hard when I’m not home.”

According to USA Today College, students should make goals to secure internships to increase their chances of graduating college with a job as well as network with coworkers, classmates, and teachers. College is not only about academic success, but professional presence.

Ultimately, the New Year and new semester is a fresh slate for students who have resolved to replace bad habits, form worthwhile routines and connect with beneficial people all in 365 days.