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News National Students Voice Opinions of Clinton Campaign

Students Voice Opinions of Clinton Campaign


Every four years, America goes through the process of electing a new head of state to run the country. Along with this process comes the profiling of potential candidates as the world becomes familiar with their national campaigns and party affiliation.

While America has become familiar with this routine, we have yet to experience a gender change in the position, as only males have been elected. One candidate eager to change this dynamic and become the first female president is Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state, is running for presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in the 2016 presidential election.

Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion,” said Clinton in her announcement video on her official campaign website.

Clinton first introduced herself to the world as first lady to the 1992-1996 president, Bill Clinton. As first lady, Clinton worked side-by side-with her husband to implement reforms such as health care programs and women’s rights.

Clinton also served as the first female senator of New York, first lady of Arkansas and a practicing lawyer and law professor. She also ran for president in the 2008 election but came up short to Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.

The possibility has sparked debate not only around the country but also with various students at Southern Miss.

I’m wondering what policies she’s looking to implement and how much will actually be changed,” said Ajanaee Tolliver, a sophomore psychology major.

Will people vote for her because she’s a woman or because she has experience by being the First Lady? Her husband’s presidency will be thrown in her face at all costs,” Tolliver said. “I’m interested in seeing how she handles these remarks.”

One student looking at things from a double-sided perspective is Jarvis Davis, a sophomore criminal justice major.

I agree as far as timing, considering we’ve just had the first black male president,” Davis said. “It shows America is evolving despite recent threats of racism. However, would a woman be able to handle the emotional aspect of being president?

Davis went on to explain that his inquiry has nothing to do with underestimating women but merely statistics that have shown that men handle stress better.

Clinton’s main goal is to provide families with resources so that they will not only be able to get ahead in the economy, but also have a stable footing in the world.  Her idea is “when families are strong,America is strong.”

As the third week of her candidacy continues, Clinton will continue to make appearances on the campaign trail as she has already toured Iowa.

For more information on Clinton and to keep up with her campaign, visit Hillary Clinton’s site.

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