Swipe Right


Last week, I attended the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, a multi-day Halloween-themed music and arts festival in New Orleans with an impressive list of nationally (and in many cases, internationally) renowned performers.

It was my first time at a music festival.

I had a great time, enjoyed a lot of great music, and came back with what I hope are some great tips.

Here’s a few.

1.) Remember where you parked.

First off, accept that you probably won’t get good parking – no matter how early you arrive. So park where you can, and then— for the love of all that’s good and orderly— mark the location of your vehicle so that you’re not traipsing desperately through the wilderness six hours later.

I was lucky enough to be with a friend with a good memory.

If I’d been alone, I’m convinced I would have been traipsing until sunrise.

2.) It’s all downhill from the mozzarella sticks.

If mozzarella sticks are the first thing you seek in the food court, good luck topping that later.

I did have a surprisingly satisfactory experience with some Krispy Kreme bread pudding just before I left the festival, but it was nothing compared to the mozzarella sticks, and honestly, I think my audience would immediately leave if I attempted to build a brand around bread pudding.

3.) Bring a portable charger – or five.

Consider literally every possible thing that could go wrong and prepare for it.

I thought I had.

I brought my charger along with an adapter to make sure I could charge my phone in the media tent. I spent hours charging my portable charger before we even left for New Orleans.

When I left the media tent for The Killers, I left my purse (with the portable charger) in my locker and used my phone sparsely to make sure I’d have enough power before I returned.

But then my phone abruptly died in the middle of a picture— at 30% power— the media tent closed, and my portable charger broke.

4.) Accept your height.

Originally, I’d planned to wear heels to the festival so that I’d have a couple more inches to see over crowds. Thank God I changed my mind just before. I was miserable in boots. I would have been more miserable in heels and considering that I was constantly surrounded by people much taller than me, they wouldn’t have helped anyway.

5.) Become a journalist.

Speaking of height and lack thereof, the media balcony is by far the best place to observe everything. I loved seeing Animé and Post Malone and the massive crowds around them. Also, I liked not having to wait forever in line. Also, I liked having a place to sit and recharge.

Basically, journalists get to have the best time at music festivals. Become a journalist.