The Bachelor: What to know about Arie Luyendyk, Jr.


Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Monday nights are officially back to being reserved for your couch, a glass of wine and ABC’s newest Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Season 22 began January 1, and what better way for this racecar driver to kick off the new year than with the race to find love?

In case your Bachelor obsession just started and you’re confused along with the rest of America about where Arie came from, here are the details. The episode begins with Arie’s first shot at a TV love story during Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, where he was the runner-up five years ago. Now, he’s a 36-year-old racecar driver who also sells real estate and is looking for a second chance.

But enough about him, let’s get to the best part: the contestants. The girl that caught Arie’s eye (and some less friendly eyes from the other women) was 29-year-old single mother Chelsea. Arie claims Chelsea is “mysterious” and leaves him wanting more, which snagged her the coveted first impression rose. However, Chelsea makes it no mystery throughout the episode that she means business – even if it means bringing the claws out. Later comes Bekah who really steals the show by showing up in a classic car. That’s the way to a racecar driver’s heart, right? Maybe, but she’s got a little mystery to her too: her age, which she refuses to tell. That’s definitely a first.

Not crazy enough for you yet? Let’s skip over to episode two. Apparently Arie is already feeling pretty comfortable given he took Krystal back to his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona to meet the parents on their first date. Yes, you read that right: the first date. We thought showering Becca K. with free Rachel Zoe gowns and Neil Lane diamonds on the first one- on-one date was a big deal, and then he pulls this stunt, which is definitely more dangerous than race car stunts. Put a group of women in a pit with the primary goal being to ram into each other as fast and hard as they can until they voluntarily quit or their engine quits, and what do you get? Some serious competition.

These women are out for blood and not stopping until they have a rose in their hand. Unfortunately,three ladies had to say goodbye to that dream and head home after the second rose ceremony. It’s only the beginning, but there’s already promise for plenty more drama ahead. Hold on tight Arie, this will definitely be the ride of your life.