This or That: e-books

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Ever since e-books began gaining popularity in the past decade, readers have debated which form of reading is the best. While many insist that print books are better, e-books have their own benefits that make them the optimal format for reading.  

One of the biggest advantages of e-books is how portable they are. If you’re someone who likes to read while traveling, it’s much easier to bring an e-reader or other device with you than trying to carry and keep up with a bunch of books while you’re on the go.

In today’s world of online shopping and two-day shipping, e-books are the quickest and most convenient way to get started on a new book. You can browse through hundreds of different titles and then immediately start reading the book of your choice without leaving your home.

E-book marketplaces are also filled with thousands of books from independent publishers that are more unique and can’t be found in print format. By using e-books, you can find books from lesser-known authors that you would never find in a traditional book store.

Oftentimes, e-books are cheaper than their print counterpart. This is especially true of independently published e-books, which can be purchased for just a few dollars. Most libraries now even offer a catalog of e-books that members can borrow from. Using this feature is not only free but saves you from having to make the trip to the library to check out and return books.

While both e-books and physical books have unique features to offer, e-books come out as being the best option. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the reader and how they prefer to enjoy reading.

photo courtesy TCEA Blog