Ticket price for film a ‘resident evil’


“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” was a “wastenado of the eight bucks-onsoon” I spent to see it. Instead of wasting your money, watch the previous films again and pretend this one doesn’t exist.

Although the locations and graphics were beautiful, this movie wasn’t worth the time or effort of shovelin’ popcorn into your face. If the world ever does go apocalypse mode, I hope the aesthetic resembles the scenes created in this movie.

The camera work and lighting worked well with all the fight scenes – if you enjoy the camera shaking and too many close ups.

While the technical side of the movie was okay at best, the writing was garbage. The film was basically a rewrite of what we’ve previously seen, as well as stolen lines from other movies. I won’t give it away in case you want to guess which movies yourself, but think 80s action movies.

On a positive note, this film does tie up loose ends from the previous installments. However, if you haven’t seen the previous five movies, prepare for esoteric references you won’t get. The five- minute recap at the beginning is not enough to catch you up on everything you have missed.

I was excited going into the theater. I’ve seen the previous films, and after 15 years, I thought the story would come to a satisfying close. I was wrong. During the hour and a half I spent in my seat, I experienced deja vu. Since the sixth movie picks up exactly where the fifth left off, it’s almost like a part two.

After the quick-paced television- style expository recap, the film speeds through Alice’s time in Washington and then in Raccoon City, where the film series began.

The film’s trailer gives away the entire plot: The heroin returns to Raccoon City and takes on the corporation responsible for the zombie apocalypse.

While in the early 2000s Resident Evil was one of the biggest zombie apocalypse-themed movies of the mainstream, there have since been better films and shows in the genre.

The ratings speak for themselves on this film. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 4.8/10. The IMDb rating is only slightly better at a 6.4/10. While I enjoyed the previous films, this one left something to be desired. If you must see it, wait until it hits Redbox or stream it online. Overall, the movie was not only a disappointment – I felt cheated.