Which Harry Potter house is the best to date?

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During class, while mindlessly swiping right on Tinder, someone cute catches your eye. You click on his or her profile for a better idea of who they are as a person. Which personality qualities did they decide to list as the sum of their parts?

“Southern Miss business major. Class of 2020.” You scan the screen, eyes skimming the bio, looking for something definite. “INFJ. Proud Ravenclaw” You immediately swipe right because you are a Ravenclaw as well. Before lunch, you already have a date set up with your fellow “Harry Potter” fan for the following night. Forget astrology charts and personality tests; “Harry Potter” is the new level of compatibility.

After taking a Buzzfeed quiz to identify your Hogwarts house (or the official quiz on the “Harry Potter” website for hardcore fans), there is only one remaining question. Which house is the best to date?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for in a potential partner. Do you seek spontaneity and constant butterflies? Or would you prefer stability and home-cooked meals? Perhaps you don’t want any of these things, or you want all of them. Each Hogwarts house carries its own pros and cons.

Gryffindors constantly crave adventures, which include making the first move and fun flirtations. Their best date idea is a new activity or restaurant. However, Gryffindors also make impulsive decisions, which may not always be successful in the long run.

Instead of small talk, Ravenclaws yearn for heartfelt conversations. They are the best partners for stargazing and other reflective activities. However, be wary, because Ravenclaws seek intelligence above anything else. This Hogwarts house will not be afraid to tell you if you fall short, for to them, that only means an opportunity for further education.

All Slytherins should speak parseltongue with how well they charm their way into their target’s heart. However, Slytherins hold high expectations for their partner, as they do with anyone else. Slytherins are not hesitant to discard a relationship if they find themselves disappointed or bored.

Last but not least, Hufflepuffs are loyal to a fault, even before that sacred first kiss. Hufflepuffs are the best company for a coffee house date. If you only want something temporary, however, look somewhere else. Hufflepuffs commit with the first text.

Ultimately, no Hogwarts house is better than the others. That is the point of having four houses instead of one united: each person is unique as a potential partner. Furthermore, when exploring the dating field, respect a person’s choice of house. For example, Slytherins are not inherently evil, and Hufflepuffs are not inherently weak. Ask why he or she identifies with that house; there will definitely be a story.

Finally, from one “Harry Potter” fan to another: wear your house name and colors proudly. If you are a Muggle, it’s all right, we forgive you. You’ll find somebody.

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