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Arts & Entertainment The Cult's Conscience: "Neighbors from Hell"

The Cult’s Conscience: “Neighbors from Hell”


Episode three of American Horror Story: Cult aired Tuesday, September 19 on FX. “Neighbors from Hell” presented many scenarios that twisted a few things around; therefore, I will go in depth on which characters have taken a step forward and which ones have taken a step back.

Step Forward:

Dr. Rudy Vincent

Vincent began the episode by seeing Rosie, one of his patients with a severe fear of coffins. Rosie explained how she and her husband Mark worked to overcome her fears and ultimately were successful. Appropriately, the doctor was proud to hear of his client’s progression and sent her on her way. However, Rosie and Mark went home only to each be stuffed in coffins by our clown friends. Who else other than Vincent could possibly know if such personal fears? Not only that, Vincent was seen later talking to Ally over the phone, sitting at his desk rearranging his smiley-face pins. This is obviously either suggesting Vincent has something to do with the clowns and their blood-written smiling markings, or just a plow to make us think so. However, it was his last quote to Ally that was the most unsettling. Vincent confidently, almost as if he was speaking of himself, said, “People are projecting their own anger and anxiety onto you. Be careful.”

Harrison and Meadow Wilton

Introduced to us just last week, Harrison and Meadow Wilton have become the neighbors from hell. They first appeared to condemn Ally’s accidental killing of the Latino employee (which was done with Harrison’s gun) by wearing sombreros and throwing all too valuable Taco Bell coupons at her in the hope that her “white privilege” would be outraged. They also both individually visited Kai to partake in the fear exchanging pinky-promise, what is still a very abnormal and confusing concept. Harrison admitted that he wished his wife was dead, essentially so he could be with a man. Well, Harrison got his wish from someone. I guess that would be a step back for Meadow, right?


Here comes your fan theory. Some people believe Oz presents a connection from Cult to Season 1: Murder House, but I don’t buy it. I am going to give you the more plausible version. Short and sweet: Kai is Oz’s father (hence the need to send Winter in and keep tabs) and he is desensitizing Oz to become a future leader of the Cult. It is not as farfetched as it may seem right now.

Step Back:


In my recap and review of the first episode of this season, I accused Ivy of playing a part in clown’s terrorization of Ally. Though I am not yet completely convinced of otherwise, Ivy has taken a step back. Her oblivious nature and attitude are alarming, but them theme is starting to switch towards Ivy being a victim. Not to the clowns, but to her own life. The toll that Ally’s dysfunction is taking on her became unbearable, especially after she saw a video of Ally in the bath with Winter present. This led Ivy to take OZ and leave their house. This may be an argument against Ivy, considering her low level of concern for Ally’s safety, but it’s came off as a sporadic, emotional decision.


Though his pinky promises were present, Kai’s run for city councilman must have been put on hold for a week. He uncharacteristically helped Ally get rid of her protestors; we assume he gave Harrison his wish and he did so from a more behind-the-scenes perspective. Kai’s step back here continued to keep up out of the loop concerning the evolution (or revolution as Kai would say) of the cult.

Mr. Guinea

Why did they have to microwave the guinea pig?!?!

Tune in to next week’s episode of American Horror Story: Cult on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET only on FX.

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