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News Resolution for online syllabi database passes

Resolution for online syllabi database passes


The Student Government Association passed Resolution 05 of Fall 2018, which encourages the creation of an online syllabus database, Nov. 15.

The online database would allow students to view course syllabi prior to registering for classes. 

Resolution 05 also encourages Southern Miss to expand course descriptions on SOAR to assist students with course registration.

During his first term, Senator Dakota Wild, a sophomore sport coaching education and sport management major, wrote and passed the resolution. 

Wild said the inspiration for the resolution came from scheduling issues during the fall semester.

“It has been a bit stressful this semester, and we are trying to find ways to help students at the university,” Wild said. “Seeing this opportunity for this resolution is a way for us to help students succeed here.”

The resolution was voted unanimously among the members of the SGA and supported by faculty senate.

“They gave us feedback so we could improve it. They said it was a good idea but made sure to address a few key things,” Wild said.

The objective of the database is to help students understand what they are getting into. “Our goal is to find out which student can fit into and learn more in which class based on their learning style.”

Wild said there will be a warning online that syllabi will be subject to change if a professor decides to update the syllabus before the semester begins.

The objective of the class, what is required and how the grading is handled are the main points the resolution focuses on.

“We know textbooks come and go and are very expensive, so you want to know what you are getting into,” Wild said.

Technology is taken into account too with information stating if you need a laptop or if no electronics are allowed in class. The grading scale is also included.

Ethan Lucas, a junior English major, said the resolution will be helpful for future semesters. “I have had many professors where it was a gamble,” Lucas said. “You choose from a list [on SOAR], and you do not know what you are getting. This way you have an idea what the professor is like.”

Kaelee Jones, a junior environmental biology major, said she thinks the resolution would be a good addition. “The resolution would give students a view of what the teacher is like and what they can expect from the class,” Jones said.



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