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Arts & Entertainment #ATLOrgy: Sex party goes awry

#ATLOrgy: Sex party goes awry


“A-Town,” “The Big Peach,” the “Empire City of the South” – these are just a few nicknames for the city of Atlanta, Ga.

You know, the state that is the country’s top producer of pecans, peanuts and Vidalia onions.

Now the city is making headlines for something else people are apparently willing to pay for: orgy parties.

One Atlanta woman is making orgies the talk of the town. Cidney Green reportedly raked in several-thousand dollars after she billed her 27th birthday celebration.

It all started when the Marietta native marketed the ATL Orgy as an X-rated birthday celebration for her.

It wasn’t long before the event earned the hashtag #ATLOrgy on social media.

Blogs report that Green is a phone sex operator and the face behind the “Total Liberation” blog, where she discussed having numerous boyfriends who knew of one another.

According to Inquistir.com, Green posted of the orgy on her website, Kundalinikak, “this will encompass everything I love and adore… Great vibes, Good Ratchet Music, Amazing Food and Swangin’ Balls!”

One might ask how much it costs to get all that and more. Single ladies had a prepaid fee of $99.99 with single men and couples ponying up $175.

The site was later updated to state the event was sold out.

According to the flyer trolling around social media, there was a no refund policy, and Green, the organizer, would not be liable for any misconduct during or following the event.

Guests expected an environment where “sex is allowed and nudity is 100 percent encouraged!”

Green told Rolling Out Magazine that she is into nudity, voyeurism, porn and is polyamorous.

She said she was recruited by a friend to help promote Sunday night events for swingers at a club in the Atlanta area.

“Before this I was already known for being very open about sexuality, talking about sex … saying what everybody is thinking, especially women,” Green said.

According to Green, the event went through a couple of organizational hiccups before the final venue was chosen, but tickets were sold.

Perhaps the reported 35 guests who were down for their idea of a slumber party did not see the “no refund” policy as a red flag.

Keyboard warriors on Twitter said Cidney Green failed to show up to the event.

Many internet users suspect this was a ploy to conduct research for a term paper. Let’s hope Brown received an A+.

Apparently, only men showed up to the festivities. Take a moment to imagine the looks of disappointment on their faces.

During the event, those who claimed to be in attendance took to social media to voice their dislike for the lack of women present.

“My bro down @ the #ATLorgy right now, he told me he just loss $300 in a dice game. They eating wings waiting on the girls to come he said,” @Squadelujah tweeted.

“Bruh this #ATLorgy so weak. I spent 300 for my flight & 175 for my ticket… to show up to a room full of dudes. I want a refund,” @CxCo_ tweeted.

The user even went on to ask where the condoms were. Green said in the interview with Rolling Out before the event that they had ordered 300 condoms, lube as well as security.

Many believe that events such as these contribute to Atlanta’s STD rates that are steadily climbing.

“Of ALL the places to have an orgy, you pick the Mecca of HIV in America? #ATLOrgy,” @myvoicemysound tweeted.

“ATL orgy party? ….well this seems like a good time to point out ATL is top 10 on the STD list,” @black_virginian tweeted.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, 513 of every 100,000 people were living with diagnosed HIV in Atlanta.

The state of Mississippi was not far behind, with 367 of every 100,000 people were living with diagnosed HIV.

In 2016, cities in Georgia and Mississippi were on the list of the top ten cities with HIV.

Atlanta alone consistently ranks among the top cities for its sex economy and STD infection rates. Its HIV epidemic can be compared to third- world countries.

According to Rolling Out, clubs in the Atlanta area offer $50 two-month memberships for couples with nightly entry fees of $70 on Friday and $80 on Saturday.

Single women are charged $50 for a three-month membership with a $15 night fee, and single men are charged $150 for a two-month membership.

While the money paid for a membership may seem expensive to some, the expense of HIV treatments are far more hefty.

Reports from 2014 show that 30 percent of those living with the virus are uninsured. The risk of skipping the medicine can risk the chance of HIV multiplying rapidly.


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