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Brian Winters

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LIVE gives life to local musicians, closed venues

LIVE: From a Safe Distance, offers bands the chance to still perform for audiences through live streaming. The live streams give musicians a chance to perform for their fans again, and for fans to watch a live show from the safety of their homes. 

‘Tiger King’ uncovers darkside of wildlife parks

“Tiger King” is a Netflix documentary series that was released March 20. The series gained a large following due to the COVID-19 quarantine, making it the No.1 watched show on Netflix in the United States. 

Students plan to stay productive despite isolation

Classes for The University of Southern Mississippi resumed online March 30. Unfortunately, staying at home allows for the chance of multiple distractions, whether from talkative parents or a tempting show. To combat falling into a bad routine, some students plan to use this time to start a new hobby and create schedules to stay on top of their assignments

Biden’s delayed COVID-19 response is worrying

While Bernie Sanders had been hosting video chats on Twitch on the pandemic, Biden disappeared from the public eye.

Students fear lack of experience in switch to online learning

On March 13, the College of Education and Human Sciences announced the possibility of practicums and student teachers not being able to meet anymore due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Program leaders discuss university trip cancellations

Southern Miss announced the cancellation of all university sponsored trips on March 9, including the Italian study abroad trip and the Center for Community Engagement’s trip to New York City.

‘The Hunt’ is just satire

“The Hunt” is a movie from Blumhouse Productions that received criticism before it was released. The premise of the movie is similar to “The Most Dangerous Game,” where a group of 12 strangers are being hunted by a group of elites.

Awareness week brings attention to eating disorders

From Feb. 24 until March 1, the National Eating Disorders Association hosted an eating disorders awareness week. The National Eating Disorder Awareness Week’s theme this year was “Come as You are: Hindsight is 20/20.”

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Student starts petition over Southern Miss Tuition

Sara Aziz, a sophomore Forensics Science major,...
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