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Courtney McNichols

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The evolution of beauty pageants

Beauty pageants are no longer just a space for able- bodied individuals to display their good looks to the world. As early as 1970, pageants...

Bridging the gap: Which book will you read?

You see them everywhere in your classes and throughout our campus.  They are the students with obvious differences in physical appearance that are just...

Disability doesn’t mean inability

Three days before the end of the second five-week term of the summer 2013 semester, a student confined to a wheelchair rolled up to...

Must read

The Suffocating Anger George Floyd’s Life Sparked

I wish I wasn’t writing this piece, but was compelled to do so. I’m sick and tired of being a young black man always watching my back out of fear for incidents like this, where George Floyd had a knee on his neck for 8 minutes, as if he was a dog and not human.

Petal Protest May 2020 Photo Gallery

Members of the Petal-Hattiesburg community joined together...
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