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Dipin Subedi

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Opinion: Presidential Candidates’ Stance on Climate Crisis

The upcoming presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will feature their stances on the biggest buzzwords of the last couple of decades: climate crisis and clean energy.

Republican Convention Helps Trump Reelection

The Republican National Convention was held between Aug. 24 to Aug. 27 to convey the Republican agendas among the people of the nation, emphasizing the importance of re-electing President Donald Trump.

Opinion: Democratic Convention Nominates Biden-Harris

Biden and Harris were officially nominated for the presidential and vice-presidential candidacy from by the delegates of the Democratic Party to topple the current incumbent, President Donald Trump.

Harris could win the presidency for Biden

The long-awaited search of a running mate for Joe Biden has finally come to an end with a reinforced purpose: to topple...

Reopening Must Be Reconsidered

The recent coronavirus spikes have, however, suggested this decision has backfired lethally and should not be pursued further.

First phase of reopening should include food courts, construction, farm businesses

Stores that offer services for food cultivation, farming, livestock and fishing should be able to resume their service in the preliminary phase of reopening.

We should be turning to billionaires to save us

Billionaires, previously assumed to be hoarding riches without regard for those struggling, are now suddenly seen as messiahs for the poor.

COVID-19 panic can learn from Spanish flu

History repeats itself. More than a hundred years ago, the global outbreak of Spanish flu in 1918 infected more than 500 million people worldwide

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Southern Miss suffers devastating 66-24 loss to Tulane

In the first regular season game of...

Opinion: ‘Cuties’ has young girls exploring their identity in exploitative ways

Netflix caused a big controversy when they ‘Cuties’ on Sep. 9. ‘Cuties’, written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré, is a French film designed to draw attention to the problems that young women are facing today.
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