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Morgan Usry

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Students participate in political campaigns

Most college students are politically active in some way, whether it’s joining a campus organization, being informed or voting. But some students take their involvement a step further and join political campaigns to promote their ideas and gain experience.

‘Gem of the Ocean’ shows Southern Miss Theatre at its best

Southern Miss Theatre’s production of “Gem of the Ocean” was a profound and engaging experience that included powerful acting and effective design.

Chronic health conditions create challenges for students

People who have chronic health conditions may face many challenges. This is even more true for those who are also students. On top of the normal problems that any college student has, they also have to deal with missing classes, constant fatigue and the other complications that a chronic health issue can pose.

Students find beauty and peace in plant trend

In the last few years, owning an exorbitant number of houseplants has been a growing trend. The #urbanjungle hashtag on Instagram is proof of this, with nearly 3 million posts from users showing off their tropical plant-packed homes.

New Vietnamese restaurant is Pho-nomenal

Tim Truong has dreamed of opening a Vietnamese restaurant in Hattiesburg since he moved here in 2000. He noticed that there was a lack of Vietnamese restaurants in the area and wanted to fill that gap.

Who will win the Game of Thrones?

Sunday, April 14 signals the beginning of the end to “Game of Thrones,” when the first episode of the eighth and final season premieres....

Celebrating Leading Women: Dr. Kate Greene

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, it is important to not only acknowledge the contributions women have made throughout history but to...

This or That: e-books

Ever since e-books began gaining popularity in the past decade, readers have debated which form of reading is the best. While many insist that...

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