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Bucket list wishes revealed


Senior Emily Booth, an elementary education and special education double major, reads about the Unites States Constitution.  Booth’s bucket list wish is to move to Washington, D.C. and work in politics. Jillian Rodriguez/Printz
Senior Emily Booth, an elementary education and special education double major, reads about the Unites States Constitution. Booth’s bucket list wish is to move to Washington, D.C. and work in politics.
Jillian Rodriguez/Printz

I have a lot of friends on Pinterest who repin these pictures with “Bucket List” ideas. I have found many of them pretty cool and interesting, and I have started a Bucket List board for my own wishes.

My top three bucket list items are pretty simple and achievable. Number one, I want to see Paramore in concert because they have been one of my favorite bands since sixth grade, and Hayley Williams rules.

Number two, I want to go to Disney World with a group of friends – which I am doing May 11-17 so yay for getting one of my things accomplished.

And number three, I want to live by a beach.

I have a few others that are a little far-fetched such as going upstairs at Graceland and appearing on Saturday Night Live. After asking a few students their items, I do not feel as bad for having some off-the-wall ones.
It seems most students’ bucket lists contain items that they really want to do but maybe/probably never will. But, I would like to say to all that I asked: I really do wish you luck and I hope you achieve everything on your bucket list.

Freshman special education major Alexis Layberger has a few items on her list.

“I want to cage dive with sharks because I grew up on the beach and they don’t scare me. I also want to see the northern lights because we learn about them, but very few people see them in person,” Layberger said. “I want to fly over a volcano because they have always fascinated me. I want to cuddle with a baby moose because they are the cutest things ever.”

My favorite though is her last one.

“I want to walk on the Great Wall of China because I want to walk on something that hundreds of years ago ancient Chinese soldiers walked on. I just want to take it all in,” Layberger said.

Emily Booth, a senior elementary education and special education double major, has only two items on her list, but she is very passionate about both.

“I have always loved Washington, D.C., and been obsessed with politics as far back as I remember, so why not live there? It’s the nation’s capital and has so much culture in such a confined area. From Adams Morgan, to NoMa, to Foggy Bottom – you’ll see so many different things,” Booth said. “I also really want to go to Europe. I am a huge history nerd and I really want to see all the World War II sites and breathe in the importance of what happened years ago. #nerdforlife.”

Senior entertainment industry major Laura Nolan has quite a few items on her bucket list as well.

“I want to go to New York for Christmas because New York is awesome. Les Miserables is my favorite story and The Lion King is my favorite movie – so I really want to see them on Broadway,” Nolan said. “I want to go skydiving or get a motorcycle because I’m a big thrill-seeker and I’m already a dirt biker so motorcycling would just be the next step.”

She also wants to travel out of the country.

“I want to visit Ireland because I’m an Irish-American and I want to visit France because I’m a French minor,” Nolan said.

She has a few more items too, like living in New Orleans and going on an African safari.

If I have learned anything from the different bucket list pins it is that no matter what, every bucket list is pretty awesome. Each item on the list tells you more about that person and you might even learn something about them.

A couple more of my items are to travel outside of the country, and have a doctorate so I can be Dr. Kristy. But I will stick to my first three for now.
What are some of your bucket list items? Tweet them to @studentprintz.

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