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Arts & Entertainment Cardi B bares all of her naked truths in...

Cardi B bares all of her naked truths in ‘Invasion of Privacy’


With its interesting use of beats, dynamic rhythms and
head-bobbing rhyming patterns, there are few weak tracks on “Invasion of Privacy.” The lyrics are masterfully written, containing harsh weight that feels as if the artist is truly sharing her life with listeners. Composed of 13 songs, rapper Cardi B’s newest album not only exceeds expectations, but it also soars past modern rap albums, cementing her status as a highly celebrated female voice in the rap genre.

Typically known for her trap-inspired style of rapping, Cardi B actually manages to throw a curveball for listeners. It is always a good sign when an artist’s singles are the weakest songs on an album. It comes as a pleasing discovery to discover her singles “Bodak Yellow,” “Bartier Cardi” and “Drip” are thankfully some of her least desirable songs, but the fact that these tracks are above average sets a high bar for this album.

Within the first few seconds of listening to the first track “Get Up 10,” “Invasion of Privacy” begins with a slow, raw rap that catches the ear. Though, as the song progresses it steadily builds until reaching an incredible apex that spirals to a heart-thumping final stretch. The lyrics of this first song also do an excellent job of introducing the main objective of this incredibly personal album: Cardi B herself.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this album is just how raw Cardi becomes with the progression of each track. Rather than constructing a rap album about the life of luxury she now lives, Cardi takes listeners on a journey through her dark, typically unsightly life before her takeoff success. Several songs focus on her life as a struggling stripper, referencing the many derogatory prejudices and dangers she faced while dancing.

In fact, several songs are based on Cardi embracing her more promiscuous side rather than vying to keep her sexual urges a taboo subject from her audiences. While there are several lyrics that may portray a raunchy, seemingly unnecessary of the artist, her lack of restraint only helps each track rather than hinder. Cardi B is clearly not afraid to talk about having to do typically unspeakable, disturbing acts to get to where she is, and she is unafraid to allow listeners to know where she gets her thrills.

Cardi also displays her soft and gushy side in multiple songs.

In possibly the best song on the album, “Be Careful,” Cardi takes a step back to examine her past life in order to construct a vulnerable narrative, writing a pseudo-love letter to a future lover. The artist manages to expertly mix her gruff style with a smooth, sultry tone to produce a tune that rivals Drake’s highly emotional songs. Cardi allows fans to take a look into her soul and connects with listeners on the most personal level.

Another fantastic piece features SZA in the song “I Do,” which is a sort-of love anthem to listeners, especially women, who feel toyed with and emotionally beaten by past lovers. With the song’s very first words, SZA comes in with a sassy, empowering chorus that only strengthens Cardi B’s explicit, unapologetic verses.

“Invasion of Privacy” is a solid album that is not for everyone, but there are plenty of empowering themes that women must hear at least once.

“Invasion of Privacy” is available now in-stores and on iTunes and Spotify.


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