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Opinion Dropouts’ endorsements for Biden divide Democratic Party

Dropouts’ endorsements for Biden divide Democratic Party


 It is no secret the Democratic Party is worried Sanders will hand the election to Trump, but supporting one specific candidate instead of any Democratic supporter seems irresponsible. 

Ahead of Super Tuesday, three Democratic candidates dropped out of the presidential race. Tom Steyer dropped out on Feb. 29, Pete Buttigieg dropped out on March 1 and Amy Klobuchar dropped out on March 2. Following Super Tuesday, Michael Bloomberg suspended his campaign on March 4. Elizabeth Warren suspended her campaign on March 5.

Of the candidates, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Bloomberg endorsed Joe Biden. Steyer went for the broader approach of saying he would do whatever is necessary to beat Donald Trump. As of March 8, Warren has not endorsed anyone.

Biden seems like he is riding off his time as Barack Obama’s vice president as a selling point. He is even quoted in an article as calling himself an “Obama-Biden” Democrat. Obama, however, has taken a much different approach. He is quoted in a USA Today article saying he would not endorse a candidate and that voters must choose for themselves. 

Obama’s idea is perfect, and the Democratic Party should follow his thinking. Biden will benefit from the endorsements of Buttigieg and Klobuchar, but people who supported Buttigieg and Klobuchar never considered Sanders as a choice anyway. This just detracts from people who prefer Sanders’ campaign, causing unnecessary friction.

Sanders might be a radical candidate, but remember that Trump had no political experience in 2016. An article from Time shows seven election predictions of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, but here we are four years later. The outsider candidate might just be the one to win the race again.

With Sanders and Biden so close in the race, it seems stupid to put all your faith in Biden. Klobuchar tweeted she believes Biden has the “heart and decency” to lead the country, but has no words for Sanders. Now, what if Biden does not get the nomination? For a party that wants to remove Trump from the White House, they sure are working on keeping him there. If Sanders gets the nomination, all the Democratic Party’s hard work of trying to stop Sanders might just be his downfall.

Steyer’s approach of saying he will do whatever possible to stop Trump is the best solution the Democrat Party can adopt. The Democratic Party should sit back and let the election cycle run its course. If people vote for Sanders, that is the will of the people. Supporting him instead of isolating him might just help in the long run. Maybe next election cycle, the Democratic Party will learn its lesson.

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