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Features Erotica author celebrates sixth novel

Erotica author celebrates sixth novel


“He doesn’t ask. He only takes.”

The quote interchanges with equally suggestive phrases and photos lingerie-clad women on author Kim Jones’ website. The author’s sixth self-published novel, “Clubwhore,” impressed readers with a unique perspective on the traditional romance novel.

On Feb. 18, Pepper’s Parties, Too! in Hattiesburg hosted a book signing for the novel. The festivities began at 7 p.m. with 25 confirmed participants, according to the Facebook page.

After she published her second novel, Jones began having book signings at Pepper’s Parties, Too. Jones said she started writing novels in 2012.

“It was kind of like hitting the lottery for a small town girl working two jobs and just trying to make end’s meet,” Jones said. “The first day I sold 55 books. The next day I sold 22 books. Then it kind of blew up from there: It was 100 books a day, then 200 books a day and then a thousand books a day.”

Her novels capture fictional narratives of the lives of those in a motorcycle club. Brooklyn, a friend of Jones who opted to leave out her last name, said when she reads Jones’ stories, she knows that she inspired one of the characters in Jones’ books.

“She [doesn’t] have to change who we are,” Brooklyn said. “Think about it. You’ve met me for 20 seconds. Do you not think if you wrote a book, and you hung out with me, you wouldn’t do it?”

A combination of intensity, romance, brotherhood and motorcycle clubs occupy the pages of the author’s collected works. Jones accumulates her inspiration from previous experience.
“My husband, at the time, was in a motorcycle club, and I was fascinated by the life of an MC,” Jones said. “It was something that I knew, something that I didn’t have to do a lot of research on, so that’s what I used to draw inspiration from.”

Jones said she felt “Clubwhore” is her strongest published work yet.

“My original series, the ‘Saving Dallas’ series and ‘Red’ was done completely on my own,” Jones said. “I had an external editor who was there to correct grammar and sentence structure editing.”

According to Jones’ website, she signed a two-book deal with publisher Penguin-Random House for the series “Sinner’s Creed.” On March 5, Books-A- Million in Hattiesburg will host another book signing for the release of “Sinner’s Creed.”

“When I signed with Random House, I realized what I was doing — these guys are the best of the best,” Jones said. “When I sent [my editor] “Clubwhore” she sent back the manuscript and said it needed some minor edits. I ended up having to rewrite 60,000 words. She made me a better writer.”

Pepper’s Parties, Too! owner Kathi “Pepper” Sherman said she saw Jones grow from her first book to her second book.

“I really thought that in her second book, her characters were more developed,” Sherman said. “Her story had more depth to [her second book] – even from one to two I saw [her] grow.”

From self-published to signed author, Jones continues to work on her literary career. Jones will continue to publish novels with Penguin-Random House and is currently working on her eighth novel.

Jones said she feels everyone has a story.

“I feel like everyone has a great story to tell,” Jones said “And if you have a story that you want to tell my advice to everyone — I worked two jobs when I wrote my first book — don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have time to do it, because I won’t believe it.”

The importance of Jones’ success hits closer to home — being that she lives just north of Hattiesburg. Anyone with a story to tell can write with the right amount of determination and drive, whether one self-publishes or finds an agency.

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