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Arts & Entertainment Fans enjoy One Direction night at Brewsky’s

Fans enjoy One Direction night at Brewsky’s


On Feb. 13, Brewsky’s hosted a One Direction night where fans could go and enjoy past hits from the famous pop band. Locals gathered at the club and reminisced on the band’s successes while a DJ played songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing.” 

One Direction nights have been happening in different cities throughout the United States, so the staff at Brewsky’s decided to host its own event specifically for Hattiesburg. 

Jess Mitchell, a manager at Brewsky’s, described events with specific themes to have a positive response and a large crowd throughout the night. 

“I think people look forward to these events because it’s something different to do,” Mitchell said. “The purpose is to make people happy.” 

The DJ for the event was Logan Conerly, otherwise known as “Your Mom’s Favorite DJ.” The bartenders also had One Direction-themed drinks. Mitchell said that the next time, they will plan on having trivia and prizes. The event was among the most popular gigs put on by Brewsky’s, proven by the ticket sales as well as the large social media presence. 

“We got a great response,” Mitchell said. “We actually sold more tickets online than we did for Riff Raff.” 

Many fans did admit that going to the event with a certain expectation in mind did throw them off. Junior criminal justice major Bethany Moyle said the night had its high points, but left her disappointed in some aspects. 

“I didn’t like how the DJ played so many other songs besides One Direction,” Moyle said. “The whole point of a One Direction night is to play One Direction.” 

Moyle said the event was just as crowded as she thought it would be. Fans were lined outside of the door and stood in the parking lot, waiting to enter the club. Although the DJ did play One Direction songs, Moyle said the event was more of a tribute to the 2000s as a whole. 

Bailey Shelton, a master’s student studying communications, collaborated with Mitchell in order to put on the event. 

“I figured trying to get Brewsky’s to do a One Direction-themed night would not only relive some nostalgic times but also get a good crowd on a Thursday,” Shelton said. 

Because the event took place on what is known as Galentine’s Day, many women were there in groups to celebrate as friends and make more memories while reminiscing on their tween obsessions. 

Junior marketing major Victoria Hotard said that while the DJ did play other artists, it was more enjoyable for those who were never true fans of One Direction. 

“I like One Direction, but I’m not a huge fan,” Hotard said. “It was better because they played more than just One Direction.” 

Brewsky’s staff plans on branching out and creating more themed nights for others to enjoy. 

Shelton said she believes the event was great for marketing and an opportunity for Brewsky’s to branch out to a different crowd. 

“I think it was a fun stress-reliever for a lot of people,” Shelton said. “Events like this will benefit Brewskys in the future.” 

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