Find Your Niche

paynecenter5In honor of The Student Printz 2015 College Health Edition, the multimedia staff sets out to find students and members of the Southern Miss community who are involved in activities to boost their overall health. From weight lifting to meditation, students and professors alike find their niche in an activity that relieves stress, strengthens them physically or brings them a peace of mind.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans living in the South are more likely to be less physically active than Americans living in other regions of the country. About 30-35 percent of college students are overweight or obese, reported recent studies. Though 65-70 percent of the student population are at a healthy weight, the results suggest that the number of overweight young adults continues to increase.

In the “Find Your Niche” series, one can find students jogging at the Payne Center, dancing with the Edge group or meditating under an oak tree on campus.

Only 40 percent of college students engage in any kind of regular physical activity, the CDC reported. We encourage the Southern Miss community to break the boundaries and overcome the statistics. Be inspired and intrigued by students’ and professors’ stories about how they achieve wellness. It might even lead you to find a new niche at Southern Miss.