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Arts & Entertainment Future plays it safe on "The WIZRD"

Future plays it safe on “The WIZRD”


‘Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD’ is a hard-hitting yet expected album from Future with the typical trap bops one expects from the Atlanta rapper.

Nothing outstanding comes from ‘The WIZRD, and this album just serves as a way for Future to put out content and make money while he is still a hot artist. ‘The WIZRD’ is not bad, and Future does what he does well, but do not go into this album expecting a shock. Future still gives the to-be-expected carefree bops like ‘Jumpin on a Jet’ and ‘F&N.’

‘Never Stop’ is a nice serving of classic Future with lots of drug and sex references over a trap beat. This is a strong album intro with how it is truly a sneak peek of what the listener is going to get out of the rest of the album.

‘Jumpin on a Jet’ is a banger and more of classic Future. The production is super fresh with catchy lyrics about constantly boarding jets, something everyone can relate to. The theme of air transportation continues with Future lyrically celebrating his successes on ‘Rocket Ship.’

Future delivers yet another mumble rap banger with ‘Temptation,’ where he discusses his struggle to avoid life’s temptations. This is a cute little song, but it sounds like at least five other Future songs.

‘Stick to the Models,’ ‘Servin Killa Kam’ and ‘Promise U That’ are all catchy, okay tracks that are expected of Future. They might not be awful, but they all sound like filler tracks tossed in to accumulate more album streams.

Two of the strongest tracks on ‘The WIZRD’ are ‘Crushed Up’ and ‘F&N.’ Sure, Future might just be going his typical route on these songs, but they are the strongest examples of him doing what he does best. ‘F&N’ especially shows how Future is making an attempt at bringing his sound into the future.

Some truly terrible vocals make an appearance on ‘Call the Coroner.’ This track is unnecessary and annoying. Nothing is said on this song that has not been said by Future on one of his six previous studio albums.

The only song worse than ‘Call the Coroner’ is ‘Overdose,’ which features more atrocious vocals from Future. There is only one song titled ‘Overdose’ that should be acknowledged, and that is Ciara’s. ‘Krazy but True’ is not much better than Future’s ‘Overdose’ and sounds like filler.

‘Goin Dummi’ is a fun and catchy track with chuckle-worthy rhymes of mommy, Tommy and tsunami. Travis Scott’s feature on ‘First Off’ is definitely one of the more interesting parts from ‘The WIZRD.’ This is probably due to how it is just refreshing to hear someone other than Future’s voice.

Richie Souf’s production on ‘Faceshot’ and ‘Ain’t Coming Back’ really keeps the energy of the album up. Just when the listener thinks they might be getting tired of the whine in Future’s voice, Souf comes through with a fresh sound. These tracks’ lyrics and vocals are what one would expect out of Future, but the production really helps breathe new life into that sound.

Future should have just cut the album there, but he just had to get to twenty tracks, so he tossed in ‘Tricks on Me.’ This is a filler track, and nothing new is said or done. Nineteen85’s production is the only thing that could be argued as being slightly interesting, but it is not.

‘The WIZRD’ is exactly what one would expect out of a Future album, banging trap beats and mumble rap. Future could have cut half the tracks because twenty tracks is too long for any album. Despite that, ‘The WIZRD’ has some bangers, and Future deserves his props for having twenty tracks but only three features.

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