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Arts & Entertainment Hattiesburg introduces locals to new yoga event

Hattiesburg introduces locals to new yoga event


Hattiesburg locals enjoyed an evening of live music and yoga at the Colludium Brewing Company on Feb. 25.  Guests were able to meditate and enjoy tacos provided by Art of Roux, as well as drinks from the Colludium Brewing Company. In addition, they enjoyed tunes from Nashville artist Frank Giovetti and learned yoga from local instructor Daniel Wise. 

Among the attendees was Kimberly Paola, who enjoys fitness and practices yoga whenever given the chance. She said that practicing yoga is the best thing she has ever done for her health, which is why she enjoys events like these. 

“The event married three of my favorite past-times,” Paola said. “Yoga, live music and tacos.”

The attendees listened to live music while learning new poses. Daniel Wise continued to instruct as many were able to keep up with his poses. Paola, who has been practicing yoga with Wise for two years, said that Wise excels greatly as an instructor. 

“Daniel offers modifications for all levels of ability and pays close attention to new students and those with injuries,” Paola said. “He pushes all of us to strive for new levels of achievement.” 

Wise, owner and instructor of Power Yoga & Movement of Hattiesburg, said this is the first time that an event like this has taken place in Hattiesburg. He said that events like these are great opportunities to introduce residents to yoga, as well as learn new poses. 

Wise believes in encouraging students and allowing them to reach their highest levels. As a Hattiesburg native, he enjoys teaching locally and feels passionate about being able to make an impact in Hattiesburg residents’ lives. 

“I enjoy guiding students into finding the strength they all have inside,” Wise said. “A teacher’s job is to help the student find their power.” 

Frank Giovetti, a Nashville artist who began attending yoga classes in 2018, said that he is grateful to find a community filled with good-hearted people. 

“My vision for the ideal gig involves anywhere from a night to an entire weekend retreat centered around wellness, namely my brand pillars of optimism, introspection and self-actualization,” Giovetti said. 

Giovetti was not surprised to see the pride that Hattiesburg residents have for their small city. He said the thing he enjoys the most about traveling and performing is the connections that are made with locals at events such as this one. 

Giovetti said he felt connected when visiting a college town, and gave advice to students on pursuing their dreams. 

“Find your gifts, find your passions. Find where they intersect and develop yourself,” Giovetti said. “You can create your own world and your own opportunities if you are truly honest with yourself and willing to put in the work to get there.” 

As a former competitive athlete, Wise enjoys teaching students but realizes that modifications sometimes need to be made in order for them to succeed in their own time and at their own pace. 

“At my studio in Hattiesburg, we love bringing people together and showing them the transformative power of movement,” Wise said. “Events like this introduce the practice to those who might not go to a traditional yoga studio space.” 

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