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Photo from Billboard

The Weeknd’s on fire: on a new album, tour, documentary and...

The Weeknd has had a very busy February. Not only did he headline the Super Bowl halftime show, but he also released...


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Photo from NPR

OPINION: Impeachment trial revealed more hypocrisy and political division

Former President Donald Trump was once again acquitted by the Senate in his second impeachment trial.  The second impeachment...

OPINION: The upsides and downsides of student loan forgiveness

Student loans have always been a burden for American students. While some manage to repay their student debt within a few years,...
Photo from CNN

OPINION: The Capitol Riot shouldn’t be Congress’s main concern

On Feb. 15, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the creation of a “9/11-type Commission” designed to apprehend the perpetrators of the Jan....
Photo by Marissa Haas

OPINION: Study apps to manage hectic spring semester

With another online semester underway, many students dread the months to come. Online classes can be hard to keep track of, especially...
Photo courtesy of BBC

OPINION: COVID-19 vaccines are not optional

It has almost been a year since COVID-19 appeared in the United States, but it is as lethal as ever. But whereas...

OPINION: Here’s why I’m not excited for this semester: Thoughts from...

Beginnings are difficult for me. The first day of classes has poisoned me with anxiety. It’s the beginning of the new semester,...