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Arts & Entertainment It ain’t 2001, but Inayah has us “Fallin”

It ain’t 2001, but Inayah has us “Fallin”


New Orleans R&B sensation Inayah Lamis returns to the scene after two years with a brand new single, “Fallin”. After listening to the song, I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Inayah, best known for her singles “Best Thing” and “Suga Daddy”, took a hiatus after releasing her first album, ‘S.O.L.A.R.’, in 2019. Or, to be more precise, she surprised us with a break during the pandemic. Though she dropped a lot of freestyles and features throughout 2020, she abruptly stopped posting new content, leaving many of us confused.

When Inayah reappeared on social media after her abrupt break, she revealed that she was several months pregnant. This left me worried that we wouldn’t see another Inayah release for at least another year, since babies tend to take up a lot of your time. 

It seems Inayah has different plans in mind, however. She dropped a sneak peak for an upcoming single, “Missing it”, only a month into 2021. The new single tease reignited my excitement for Inayah. I, like many other fans, was ready for some new music. 

However, when Inayah dropped the promo and the snippet of “Fallin” last week, my excitement and curiosity peaked. Most of Inayah’s music, especially her freestyles, center around heartbreak and men being garbage. So I was pretty surprised to see her release a song about falling deeply in love with someone, because she hadn’t explored this subject before.

Inayah hit us with something different than what we were used to hearing from her, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The chorus and second verse of “Fallin”, where she spoke about being loved naturally, really resonated with me. The up-tempo styling of this song also reminded me of one of her other songs, “N.A.S.”, but “Fallin” spoke on an entirely different topic. I think this is a step in the right direction, and a very important choice she made.

The “Fallin” music video was also pretty unique for Inayah, since we got it not even 12 hours later. This video made me proud of Inayah’s growth and the team she is building around her. This video had a decent budget and was very well produced. The concept, the makeup, the lighting and the actors complimented her perfectly. I just wish it had an actual concept that went with the song instead of focusing on it looking “cute”. 

Regardless, I enjoyed the video a lot and have re-watched it several times. The video hyped the song up so much for me that I cannot stop listening to both simultaneously.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Inayah’s new single, “Fallin”, a lot more than I thought I would. I am now ready for a few more singles and hopefully a sophomore album by the end of the year. So long as that isn’t too much to ask for, of course, considering she’s soon going to be in mommy mode full time. I have a renewed sense of happiness about Inayah and I can’t wait for future releases.

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