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Opinion I’ve got the eye of the Eagle

I’ve got the eye of the Eagle


Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

In case you missed it, there is a new thing called Eagle Eye at The University of Southern Mississippi. And students are going crazy.

I, personally, spent an hour of my day in front of the camera at Fresh Food Company. I took a few screenshots of me posing in front of it with my friends, and in fact, I was told by many that they watched me while I was there. (This is excluding my Student Printz co-workers and friends – I told them to.)

But, after playing around for an hour, I did some legitimate research and I’d like to clear a few things up so everyone can calm down just a little.

1. “I feel like Big Brother is watching me.” I heard this quote many times when I talked with students about the cams. However, no one is sitting there just watching you. I know that we’re all fabulous, and we’ve all had crazy significant others, some even stalkers – but y’all. Get with it. If you are in Starbucks or Fresh Food Company – you’ve already stepped into two of the most popular places on campus. And you don’t need the live feed to show people where you are because they’re probably there too.

2. “Its an invasion of privacy.” Well, no. It’s not. An invasion of privacy would be me reading your text messages over your shoulder or hiding in your shower while you use the bathroom. In this case, they would be invading your privacy if these cams were in your. You can’t invade privacy in a public space. If you’re standing in line at Starbucks and I walk in to Starbucks and see you, how is that any different than me looking at the camera and seeing you? It’s not.

3. “Invasion of Privacy” continued. The cameras are VERY far away. So, basically you see people walking around, talking to their friends, standing in line for coffee or food or studying, just like you do if you literally walk around campus. Also. There is no sound. So, while you’re gossiping or having a very intimate phone conversation in the Starbucks line (lol at this because you’re in a public place so why would you be doing private things like that) this live feed isn’t publishing that. So – once again, it’s just not an invasion of your privacy.

4. “The whole thing is pointless.” Of course it’s not pointless. Just because you don’t know the point or see the point or get the point or like the point doesn’t mean there isn’t a point. These cameras were installed to show off our campus to potential new students and/or faculty members. There are plans of having outdoor cameras put in to show off some of our cool features, like the Lofty Return. Anyways, the point is, y’all are all conceited. These cameras weren’t to watch YOU. Ole Miss has four cameras (livefeed.olemiss.edu) and bigger schools have them too. It’s not a weird thing, folks.

5. “How are these beneficial at all?” Well aside from us potentially recruiting new students and/our faculty members – these cams could help YOU. Yes, you, the one complaining about them. How many times have you gone to the Fresh or Starbucks and the line be OUTRAGEOUS and you only have 10 minutes before class? But, you walked across campus to get there – so you have to make the heart-wrenching decision to eat or skip class. These cameras help you avoid that. Use the live feed, people, USE IT!

6. “These are creepy.” Nah, not really. You can make them creepy. Like, if my boyfriend says he’s going to Starbucks, I can of course be that crazy girlfriend that checks on him. OH. And he better not talk to that girl that is behind him in line. I’m kidding of course, but these cameras can be what you make it. Would you sit at your computer and watch the live feed of either of these places all day? No. Don’t even lie, you know you wouldn’t. So what makes you think anyone else wants to do that either?

Also, these could make people be better people. I’ve heard of phones that have been stolen off the table at Starbucks or jackets left on the bench outside of the Fresh – well now that people know they’re being watched, they’ll probably think twice about doing something like that. Also – we might actually start brushing our hair or wear real clothes and not pajamas when we’re out in public – things we should do anyway.
My point is – these cameras are truly harmless. And can be a lot of fun. I think everyone is just real paranoid. And, in the words of my friend Mary Alice, “I think everyone is losing their minds for no reason at all probably just need a little smooth jazz in their life.”

OH. And I wrote a parody to “Roar” by Katy Perry. Enjoy!

I used to pick my nose and wedgies
Then I found out they were watching me
So I’ll wait patiently
Til I’m off the live feed

I used to dress really ugly to class
Long tshirts that covered my a$$
But now I’ll look nice
When I get my pumpkin spice

They nailed them down (in reference to the cameras)
Then put it up –
The live feed that shows all of us
You can’t hear a voice
Or hear a sound
It’s just people walking around

I’ve got the eye of the eagle
In starbucks, fresh food, and the
College of Business, and you’re gonna see me wave
Getting coffee, hanging out with friends, or
Putting up buildings, you’re gonna see me wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ave

I used to wonder where my crush was
But now I don’t because
Thanks to Eagle Eye
I got all day to spy

They nailed them down
Then put it up –
The live feed that shows all of us
Can’t hear a voice
Can’t hear a sound
It’s just people walking around

I’ve got the eye of the eagle
In starbucks, fresh food, and the
College of Business, and you’re gonna see me wave
Getting coffee, hanging out with friends, or
Putting up buildings, you’re gonna see me wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ave

Wave, wave, wave, wave, wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ave

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