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Arts & Entertainment Lady Gaga debuts ‘ARTPOP’

Lady Gaga debuts ‘ARTPOP’


Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Pop sensation Lady Gaga lives for the applause, and that is exactly what she will receive after fans get a taste of her new album, “ARTPOP.”

According to her official website, the album release, originally scheduled for Aug. 26, was delayed when she broke her hip during a concert. For most people, an injury like that would have been a huge problem. But in true Mother Monster fashion, Lady Gaga turned the injury into a positive experience.

During the months she spent recuperating and attending physical therapy sessions, Gaga used her spare time to pen a few more songs for “ARTPOP,” and to work on her new social media network project of the same title.
The project, an app where Little Monsters worldwide can access films and extra music, will be made available for most smartphones. Lady Gaga successfully markets her works so that fans are constantly speculating what goes into the making of each her albums.

From controversial photos to videos using reverse psychology, Gaga is marketing “ARTPOP” in every possible way. Fans were surprised when “Applause,” the first single from the album, leaked on the Internet Aug. 12, a week before the expected release date. According to Hollywoodlife.com, “ARTPOP” was leaked nine days before it’s anticipated release date, Nov. 11.

Though the musical style of “Applause” sounds like the usual pop tune, the lyrics suggest a deeper meaning. Throughout the song, Gaga discusses her battle with critics, yet she also uses this track to thank her devoted fans. “She is very clever with her lyrics. I like what she is going for,” said 21-year-old local musician Jana Bounds.

Other tracks on the album, such as “Manicure” and “Aura,” portray a more artistic side of Gaga, featuring electric guitars and synthesizers.

“When you hear Lady Gaga, you know it’s her,” Bounds said. “She has a very distinct sound.”

“This album seems to be more techno, and it’s very different than what other artists are putting out,” she added.

According to Latinpost.com, some other famous artists featured on “ARTPOP” include T.I., R. Kelly, Twista, Zedd and Will.I.Am. This album is the result of many creative forces working together to create a very unique and electric sound.

Lady Gaga’s latest project is not just another album. It is a mixture of creative imagery, fun music and meaningful lyrics. “ARTPOP” is a new era of Gaga.

Kirstie Lowery
Hello! : ) I am a broadcast journalism student at The University of Southern Mississippi. I am originally from Aurora, Colorado. I love the color gold and I love doing plays and short films!

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