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Features Local band draws crowd at Brewsky’s

Local band draws crowd at Brewsky’s


The Prom Knights showed “pop punk is not dead” by blasting their brand of pop punk to a sea of enthusiastic music lovers Friday, Feb. 16.

From humble beginnings, the Prom Knights grew a massive following among Greek life and fans of 90’s pop punk.

Their setlist was finely tuned over three years of trial and error and now holds hits from Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and Green Day and features unusual and quirky punk covers of songs like “500 miles” by The Proclaimers and “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears.

The Prom Knights were created four years ago when Lee Chambliss, manager and guitarist for the band, was working as a disc jockey at Brewsky’s. The manager at the time, Jess Mitchell, approached him. Mitchell warned Chambliss they would no longer need him to DJ weekly. Mitchell told him to try anything he wanted musically, but he only had three weeks. That is how the Prom Knights came to be.

The Prom Knights and Mitchell have a great relationship. Mitchell helps to refine the setlist and keeps the band informed on the crowd’s mood.

“I love the Prom Knights. They are one of my favorites,” Mitchell said. “They went from having [no one] here to being a huge draw.”

Chambliss said every member had previously been in a band many times, but The Prom Knights is the first to find substantial success. Evan Hall, lead guitarist, said that they had Greek life to thank for this success.

“Greek life pretty much owns college towns—especially in this town—so if they want to make an event good, they will,” Hall said. “You have to be in their good graces.”

Every member brings a different style to the table in their playing. Hall said that music was one of his only passions and that he loves blues.

“Whether I want to or not, [blues] is the way that I play,” Hall said. The lead guitarist said he enjoys being able to transform the music with improvised solos.

The Prom Knights travel around Mississippi and parts of Florida playing at multiple venues.

“We’ve been to places I didn’t even know had music venues,” drummer Zack Chambliss said. “You get to see all kinds of walks of life and different atmospheres, and most of them are awesome. Some aren’t, but that’s what you get.”

Junior speech pathology major Samantha Grissom said that she loves The Prom Knights and that she was drawn in by the music and atmosphere they produce. “For those who haven’t experienced [the band], definitely give it a shot, and for those who have, keep coming back. You won’t regret it,” Grissom said.

“It’s just really cool to come out and support friends and see them perform,” Ross Goddette, a friend of the band, said. “They deserve all of the attention and promotion that they can get.”

The Prom Knights’ next show will be at Pop’s Saloon Friday, Feb. 23, in Jackson, Mississippi. After that show, they will make a trip to Panama City, Florida, at the end of March.


Caleb McCluskey
Caleb McCluskey serves as News Editor of the Student Printz.

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