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Arts & Entertainment ‘Love Goes’ shows the truth about heartbreak

‘Love Goes’ shows the truth about heartbreak


From the iconic singer/songwriter who gave the world hits such as “Stay With Me” and “Too Good at Goodbyes”, Sam Smith has created yet another masterpiece with their album ‘Love Goes’. 

‘Love Goes’ is Smith’s bare, open reaction to heartbreak and loss while living in an unaccepting world. The album boasts many collaborations with artists such as Labrinth, Demi Lovato, Mormani, Burna Boy and Calvin Harris. These collabs, along with Smith’s natural creativity and talent, helped make ‘Love Goes’ a perfect album in this time of struggle. 

Beginning with “Young”, Smith’s acapella track highlights the feeling of judgement and pressure throughout the beginning of their career. The following song, “Diamonds”, changes up the sound immediately with its electro-pop beat and fast tempo. Smith mentioned their intentions with the overarching album when they released “Diamonds” as a single. 

“The last two years have been the most experimental time of my life, personally but also musically,” Smith said in a note to fans. “Every time I went into the studio I promised myself I would shoot for the stars and have no limitations.”

“Another One” also has a club-like, pop rhythm, but is instead paired with a somber message about moving on. This is the case for a lot of songs in ‘Love Goes’, with its upbeat tracks pairing with dark, serious messages. 

Smith originally wished to name the album ‘To Die For’ to reflect this, but later changed the name after realizing it insensitive to the current pandemic. Throughout the creation of the album, Smith focussed on the message they wanted to share with their fans. 

“It’s really deep into exploring my gender, exploring my queerness,” Smith said. “I changed my pronouns and I was feeling so happy to be myself.” 

Smith described the “safeness” they felt throughout the production of the album, as it is unlike anything they have produced before. The tracks throughout ‘Love Goes’ seem much more tame and honest as opposed to Smith’s previous upbeat and broad songs. 

The more personal messages throughout these tracks makes them a lot stronger. This is especially the case for songs like “For The Lover That I Lost”, where Smith seems to reminisce on a much more personal breakup. “For The Lover That I Lost” is also unique because of its production history. Smith wrote this song for singer Céline Dion, and she featured it on her 2019 album ‘Courage’. However, Smith realized the importance of this song for ‘Love Goes’, retouching lyrics that needed to be highlighted on their album. 

“The day I went through my breakup, I went for a long walk in a forest and I just went into the middle of it, where no one could see me, and listened to ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’. I just cried my eyes out. So I had to have a nod to Céline on this album,” Smith said. 

‘Love Goes’ seems to show Smith’s true nature that they have sought for since the beginning of their career. The tracks are not only a reflection of the struggles they have experienced, but the same struggles that many throughout the LGBTQ+ community might experience as well. This vulnerability is both deeply relatable and profoundly beautiful, making ‘Love Goes’ a must listen.

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