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News National More to Miss America than red cup controversy

More to Miss America than red cup controversy


Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015 Sunday night. -Courtesy photo
Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015 Sunday night. -Courtesy photo

Each year, our nation gathers to watch 50 women convince us all that they have enough beauty, class and talent to represent our country.

The chosen woman is ridiculed for her performance and harshly criticized for winning the title of Miss America.  

In 2013, our nation showed racial tension toward Nina Davuluri for being the first Indian American Miss America. In 2014, there are endless taunts for Kira Kazantsev’s chosen talent for the pageant: rhythmically tapping a red cup on the floor while singing Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.” 

Americans constantly complain about how women are degraded, yet when one has the courage to express herself, individuals muster every disrespectful thing they can possibly say about that person. A bit self-contradicting, don’t you think?  Kira Kazantsev is human and deserves just as much respect as the next person, regardless of whether her talents are appreciated. 

Everyone has a unique talent, and who are we to judge someone because we find hers more or less impressive? I’d like to see all of her haters sing while rhythmically tapping a cup without making any mistakes. 

The moment we choose to focus on the positive traits of a person instead of dwelling on the things we do not like is the moment our nation will become stronger.  While everyone is busy focusing on Miss America’s choice of talent, they have neglected to recall that she is trilingual.

Kira Kazantsev is fluent in Russian, Spanish and English. If that doesn’t scream talented, what does?

I do not believe that any of the Miss America contestants won or lost based solely on their talents.  Yes, talent is a big deal, but the competition is about merit. The woman whom the judges feel possesses the greatest amount of skill and intellect wins the competition. 

The true controversial matter for Kira Kazantsev’s win of Miss America is curiosity over why Miss New York has won the title three years in a row, or was everyone too busy complaining about her red cup to notice? Perhaps Miss New York has impressed judges for the past three years because the past three women have all had superior interview segments.

“They’re looking at young women who are interested in education, in developing a platform,” Debra Cantoni, the executive director of the Miss New York State organization,  reported to New York Daily. 

While other contestants performed mindblowing talents, Miss New York contestants have flawless interviews that touch base on the topics that are given to them.  When Kazantsev was asked about Ray Rice and domestic violence she said, “In the United States, the justice system is driving the getaway car for abusers.” 

Last year’s winner, Nina Davuluri, spoke intelligently about diversity and 2012 Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, spoke about child abuse.

All three women proposed appealing answers which won the judge’s vote. Lesson learned, America: next time look at all that an individual has to offer before judging.

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