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News New sorority rep talks recruitment

New sorority rep talks recruitment


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Alpha Chi Omega will be joining Greek Life at Southern Miss next semester. Each month until then Alpha Chi Omega will have two representatives on campus to promote Alpha Chi, as well as learn more about the Southern Miss community.

In March, resident consultant Sami Holley is doing just that. She has spoken with many different organizations about Alpha Chi Omega and has plans to keep promoting and advertising all that it has to offer non-Greek women, Greek life as a whole and Southern Miss.

“Our main focus when marketing in the spring is to raise awareness of Alpha Chi so the transition is smooth when we start recruiting in the fall,” Holley said. “We love to use this time to answer any questions that the campus might have about our process and ways to get involved.”

Holley said Alpha Chi Omega will officially start recruiting members after Fall Formal Recruitment ends in August 2014.

“For about a week, we will do a marketing blast around campus and make Alpha Chi as visible as possible,” Holley said. “After that, the interview process will begin with Alpha Chi Omega alumni who have worked with new chapters before and really know what to look for in founding members.”

After the interview process, there will be a bid day and the chapter will have similar schedules as the others on campus, including swaps and sisterhood events. Holley said they are looking to recruit women of all grade classifications and want to start something new and give back to their community.

“Alpha Chi Omega looks for five basic membership standards in all of its members, which are leadership ability, character, personal development, financial responsibility and academic interest,” Holley said. “Because we are building a new member class of all founding members, we are looking for women who are really exceptional and want to leave a legacy on campus.”

“Founding membership is once in a lifetime,” she said.

After being on campus, Holley believes Alpha Chi Omega is a great fit for Southern Miss.

“When I first came to Southern Miss for our extension presentation, I fell in love with this campus and the students, faculty and staff,” Holley said. “As soon as I walked onto campus I felt so welcomed and that’s the same way I felt about Alpha Chi.”

“Alpha Chi Omega really strives to empower our members to be the best version of themselves, just like USM strives to give their students all of the best opportunities.”

“Our open motto is ‘together let us seek the heights.’ Doesn’t that just flow nicely with ‘to the top?’” Holley said Alpha Chi Omega is excited to be a part of the Southern Miss community. “We are looking to develop a vibrant, engaged membership that would contribute to develop with the Greek community on campus,” Holley said. “The Southern Miss community is so driven and accomplished and we want to be a part of that success.”

Holley said Alpha Chi is creating a lasting impact by offering a new experience to
the community.

“Alpha Chi is a sisterhood that extends past your four years in college. It is something that truly lasts forever,” Holley said. “Alpha Chi gave me a sisterhood that I can find no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It is friendship that will last a lifetime and memories you will never forget.”

For more information about joining Alpha Chi Omega, email SouthernMiss2014@alphachiomega.org.

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