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Opinion Opinion: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in historic race

Opinion: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in historic race


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris beat current President Donald Trump last week in the race for the White House. An overwhelming voter not only stood against Trump, but also showed one of America’s crucial demands today: hope.

The wobbly presidency of Donald Trump came to an end on Saturday when Pennsylvania officially pushed Biden over the required 270 electoral college votes needed to obtain the presidency. The overarching response to this victory has been positive. These last four years have been some of the most tumultuous in the nation’s history, as we saw more racial, economic, religious and gender inequality than ever before. Now, many are finding hope in Biden’s upcoming presidency.

Biden’s victory brings a hope of unification rather than division. The majority of voters who voted for Biden showed the degree of wholehearted faith they have put in the hope to reunite with their fellow Americans. The voters showed their fellow Americans that no matter what color, creed, race, economic status or sexual preference they are, a peaceful co-existence is possible and reconciliation is the only gateway to prosperity. 

Biden’s victory brings a hope in a governance that safeguards one’s right of sustenance. The COVID-19 pandemic played a major role to heighten the voters’ optimism and faith in Biden. People chose to be governed by someone who would alleviate the grievances and plight of millions  instead of a smug and apathetic leader under whose leadership the nation’s resilience was faltering. 

Biden’s victory brings a hope to make the United States a dignified nation again in front of its allies and adversaries. It took less than four years for Trump to smother and erase the international dignity of America that American heroes toiled over for more than 200 years. People see the will to build bridges instead of fences under Biden’s presidency and a restoration of their pride as a citizen of the United States of America.

Biden’s victory brings a hope to elect a leader who is not corrupt through and through, but who instead pledges to serve the people by utilizing the power of his prestigious office. America gave their hopes and dreams another shot in order to save its democracy this past election. They chose a new leader who displays transparency through his well sorted out plans and policies as opposed to the previous pathological liar in office.

Biden’s victory brings a hope to ‘Build Back Better’. Four more years of Trump would have left an irrevocable impact on the robustness of this nation. Resilience, tolerance, decency, security, justice and equal opportunity which were deprecated by Trump’s America sees a future in Biden’s America, where these aspects of a healthy society will regain their vitality.

During the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, we saw a monstrous, vicious and evil fragment of America brought into the foreground. American people have since learned from these mistakes. Now, we see the hope of a new dawn in the annihilation of Trump’s second term in the Oval Office. 

The malignancy and the hubris of the vanquished, however, are unwieldy as ever, and it may take some time for its complete removal. No matter how long it takes, though, America has spoken, and it has given leadership to the one who understands America best.

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