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Arts & Entertainment Spice Girls reunites without Posh Spice

Spice Girls reunites without Posh Spice


Spice Girls are back with a reunion tour that kicks off in the UK next year. Fans of these pop sensations are undoubtedly excited to hear classics like “2 Become 1” and “Say You’ll Be There,” but a lot of discussions has been about the absence of Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice. Some people feel that this is a huge loss for the Spice Girls, but those individuals have bad taste because Posh was by far the group’s least valuable member.

The iconic girls start their reunion by touring six stadium dates in the UK next June. Mel B, Scary Spice, revealed on “Loose Women” that these tour dates are just the beginning and that a world tour is coming soon. There is even talk about new music being released depending on the outcome of this tour.

This reunion is coming after years of rumors, particularly following all five members reuniting at the 2012 Olympics. 2018 has had an incredible increase in Spice Girls reunion rumors, with Mel B telling basically any interviewer that a reunion was coming. This reunion will also be a great help in terms of allowing Mel B to recover from her financial losses that were highlighted in her messy divorce from Stephen Belafonte.

Beckham’s absence from Spice Girls has been a hot topic in every interview with the girls, with Mel B even mockingly dressing as Posh for Halloween. The funniest part of Posh’s absence is that apparently they never even asked her if she wanted to go on tour. In a clip from “The Jonathan Ross Show,” the girls said that they never really asked her because she has said for years that she does not want to reunite.

The girls are as congenial as ever, though, and still openly describe Posh as family. Posh has even wished the girls the best, and it seems neither party is particularly crushed. This does not mean fans have not voiced their upset as comments are either praising the group for going without Posh or ridiculing the group as not being complete without Posh.

Posh was purely an image, as were Baby Spice and Sporty Spice. The true vocalists of the group were Scary Spice and Ginger Spice, so as long as those two are on tour it will sound the exact same as it did in 1996. This is not uncommon for girl groups (see Destiny’s Child), so it makes sense for Posh to not care to walk around and pose for two hours straight.


People only view Posh as an essential member because of her life after the Spice Girls, not because of anything she contributed to the group. Her “meh” fashion label has been a heavily used excuse for why she is not on tour. That excuse might be a small reason, but Posh is just not a performer.

Victoria Beckham/Posh was not even a great performer at the height of Spice Girls’ popularity. Her schtick is literally standing, not smiling and looking pretty. It is really hard to watch the Spice Girls’ previous reunions and not recognize the uncomfortable feeling radiating off of Posh. Also, remember that producers used to turn off Posh’s microphone, so it is not like fans will be missing out on the astounding vocals of Victoria Beckham.

The girls have all pointed out their rapidly different lives as being the main reason for the reunion only coming now. With all the girls having families and careers of their own, they have said it is difficult to get everyone in the same place at once. The last reunion attempt ended early due to Mel B’s personal issues, so here is to hoping they can complete this tour.

Spice Girls are the most successful girl group of all time, icons in pop culture and their reunion is the equivalent of Michael Jackson being resurrected and going on tour. Who cares whether or not Posh is going on tour, she was never a necessity. The real question is when they will come to the U.S. because American fans “Wannabe” in the midst of the fun.


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