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News Students plan to stay productive despite isolation

Students plan to stay productive despite isolation


Classes for The University of Southern Mississippi resumed online March 30. Unfortunately, staying at home allows for the chance of multiple distractions, whether from talkative parents or a tempting show. To combat falling into a bad routine, some students plan to use this time to start a new hobby and create schedules to stay on top of their assignments.

Sudiksha Kumar, a senior bio-med and forensic science major, has a plan to keep up with her classwork for the rest of the semester.

“[I am] entering all due dates into my calendar and keeping a to-do list,” Kumar said. “Due to the weird deadlines, [I am] ensuring I’m submitting things a day or two in case of network errors.”

Kumar said she plans to set aside specific times to do work and attend lectures. This includes plans to create a designated work area free from distraction. Outside of class, Kumar also plans to start a new hobby to stay productive.

“Maybe [I will] learn a new language,” Kumar said. “I am cooking more but also [want to start] other things like painting. Major universities are offering free online classes, which I might take advantage of.”

Jordan Waller, a senior marine biology major, said she is afraid she will not be motivated to do classwork, but has a plan to stay productive in and out of lectures.

“I have a schedule, a laptop and, thankfully, working internet,” Waller said. “Taking care of dogs can also keep you busy.” 

Cayson Miles, a junior theatre major, said he plans to work on art commissions in order to make some money. Miles also said he is not afraid to fall into a routine when it comes to hobbies and schoolwork.

“[I am] scheduling blocks of time and trying to stick with it,” Miles said. “I work really well when in a steady routine.”

Parker Papas is a senior graphic design and advertising major. Though she is not concerned about online classes, she is worried about staying healthy.

“I am more worried about how easy it is to snack all day,” Papas said. “I’ve been trying to cook better meals to avoid bad eating habits.”

Papas also plans to start a hobby. She said she bought two new books to get back into reading before bed, and she is continuing to practice embroidery and sewing. She has also been going on more walks with her dog.

“I’ve always wanted to grow a business from home, so I am seeing this as an opportunity and learning experience,” Papas said. 

Despite the worry of productivity during isolation, Papas said it is fine to take time to care for yourself instead of your workload.

“It is okay to take a nap or go on a walk, you don’t have to be productive all day,” Papas said. “If you find it hard to stay on track, try setting smaller goals to hit each day.”

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