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Syphilis remains prominent Mississippi risk

Mississippi is the state with the highest rate of STIs and is ranked third in syphilis cases.

Non-Christians in the Bible Belt feel alienated

Mississippi is officially the most religious state in the U.S. Fifty-nine percent of Mississippians consider themselves to be “very religious.” Mississippi’s most popular religion is Christianity. In fact, 83% of Mississippi adults identify as Christian. With such a large majority population of Christians, non-Christians living in the Bible Belt often experience a disconnect.

Tupelo Trump rally photo gallery

View a gallery of photos from President Donald Trump's rally in Tupelo Nov. 1.

Students find absentee voting difficult

For many college students and for people who temporarily move away from home, absentee voting is the only option to be politically involved. Despite absentee ballots being a well-known option for voting, student absentee voters often face challenges when attempting to make their voices heard.

Millennials​ gain power in elections

Over the years, studies have shown young adults vote less than other age groups. According to CampusVoteProject.org, young adults, especially students, move more frequently, are less likely to have a driver’s license and are less likely to be contacted by political campaigns than other age groups. All of these things are barriers for registering to vote and voting.

Should the voting age be LOWER or HIGHER?

Teenagers in 1971 wanted the right to vote and felt that the laws in place were restrictive and unacceptable. It’s 2019, and it seems like it’s happening again.

Students participate in political campaigns

Most college students are politically active in some way, whether it’s joining a campus organization, being informed or voting. But some students take their involvement a step further and join political campaigns to promote their ideas and gain experience.

Five songs that emphasize the importance of America and our rights

Voting is an important part of American culture, but college students struggle to find time to vote. Here are five songs to get them out to the polls.

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