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Opinion Tips to survive finals week

Tips to survive finals week


Finals week is quickly approaching and it can be one of the most stressful weeks in a college student’s life. Students must study for several final exams and final essays and projects are also usually due during this time.
These last assignments are normally worth a large percentage of the final grade, so the pressure is on for students to do their best. Usually students wait until the weekend before finals week to begin studying and end up pulling all-nighters with countless amounts of Starbucks coffee in front of them.

But, if you follow these study tips for finals, you may be able to beat becoming a stressed-out zombie during finals week and make the great grades you want.

The library is not always your friend.

Most college students think their best work is done in the library. This may be true, but some students are easily distracted by the groups of people that visit the library together during finals week. The library isn’t a time for socializing, but the first floor turns into a place to gather with friends to listen to music and laugh off insomnia. If you want to use the library to your advantage, steer clear of going with friends and head to floors three through five. Your grades will thank you for it later.

YouTube, Netflix and Facebook are off limits.

If you really want to do well during finals week, then only open your computer when absolutely necessary. If you must type your essay or do research on your computer, then make sure that you don’t open these websites. They require most of your attention and allow you to procrastinate even longer. Make a deal that you will only watch one hour of Netflix that day and then turn it off. Some students even go as far as having their friend change their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram passwords. Tell yourself that YouTube cat videos can wait until finals are over. Do whatever you need to make sure you don’t spend all night browsing.

Don’t pull all-nighters.

It has been proven that you retain less information during all-night cram sessions than studying a little each night over a few weeks. So start studying now! Go ahead and make study guides, flashcards or start reading for your exams. Before each exam, you should try to get at least eight hours of sleep. You will feel more prepared and better rested for your exam which will result in higher grades.

Make lists.

Start making a list of everything you need to do to prepare for your exams, essays and projects. To be even more prepared and to avoid an all-nighter, allot a certain amount of time you think you’ll need to study for each exam. This will help you be more organized and will make you work at a reasonable pace. If you start now, you’ll have lists for a full week before finals week where you can study in advance.

Stay positive!

The most important tip is to keep your head up and don’t become negative. Don’t get frustrated and just give up studying. As long as you work hard and think positively now until Dec. 12, you will be rewarded with good grades and a relaxing Christmas break. Think of the finish line at the end of finals week. Look forward to being able to relax at home with your family during Christmas holidays. Keep these thoughts in your mind whenever you feel too stressed out. Just remember finals week will pass. Good luck!

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