Net neutrality threatened to be destroyed

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Most people reading this will not be prepared for what lies herein, as the principle of net neutrality has been a hallmark of our first world freedom since the internet’s conception. The FCC, by way of Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, have a plan on December 14th to vote to take away net neutrality. The implications of net neutrality being destroyed would be colossal in scope, and would virtually limit all aspects of the free internet.

The specifics of net neutrality being destroyed include us having to literally pay money to access Instagram, Snapchat, Google and other websites. The open internet has fostered not only connectivity through social media, but it has also paved roads of innovation and of creativity. Some people use the internet every day for school or work, the loss of the open internet would stop this positive resource in its tracks – unless, of course, you’re willing to have the internet burn a hole in your pocket. The positive impact that has been created by the internet’s open access cannot be measured. Because of this positive innovation and interconnectivity we so enjoy, we must stand up to the FCC. This vote will in an unbelievable amount of ways alter what day to day life looks like in such a way that we once thought would always be concrete and constant in our lives.

What’s happening here is that the FCC, under Ajit Pai, is transferring the power of net enforcement, which has always been an enforcement favoring free internet to the companies that paved the roads on the internet, such as AT&T, Verizon, etc. The reason this matters is of course – more money for the companies. That’s it. No reverence for the good it does to have open internet, no understanding of how much good has happened as a result of isolated connectivity. Companies just want more money. These companies have opposed the idea of free internet for years, citing that they should be in control of their own user’s internet traffic. In the past, the FCC has disagreed. Thankfully,there has been strong opposition and outcry from the people against the demolition of net neutrality, and this opposition will hopefully be enough to not allow this capitalist exploitation idea to disappear. Donald Trump and his team have been doing a lot to shut up this opposition, and are going through with the vote on December 14th.

The end of net neutrality is a scary thought, considering that it may happen very soon, altering the fabric of something that has become so natural to us. Get on the presently free internet and oppose this removal of net neutrality to your local congressman. We must not let this vote win!