Thank you for your interest in joining The Student Printz staff. We are eager to accept students with varying levels of experience as long as they are willing to learn and be professional.

Writing Jobs at the Student Printz
If you’re interested in joining the staff, we require that you submit the following to
  • Your resume
  • Three writing samples that are written in ​AP Style​ and could be seen in a newspaper today (news, features, entertainment, sports or opinion stories.) If you do not have samples, use the writing prompts below to get started.


News Prompt: Attend a local event and interview the event organizers and audience members. Minimum of 500 words required.

Features Prompt: Write about one significant person, thing, or place and why they’re worthy of recognition. Be sure to include quotes from in the community about the person, thing, or place you’re highlighting. Your story should be be at least 800 words and creative in writing style and structure.

Entertainment Prompt: Write a review of an album, TV show, movie, book, or local music show. Minimum of 500 words required.

Opinion Prompt: Pick a topic in the news (local, national, or entertainment) today and write a strong opinion about an aspect that you disagree with. Minimum of 500 words required.


  • Refer to this c​ommon errors​ sheet.
  • If you’re turning in a news, feature or sports story, your story should include a minimum of three sources. Most sources should be live, meaning a source you interview in person, phone or email. More than three sources is encouraged. If you would like to include dead or secondary sources from other reputable news sources after getting at least three sources, that is acceptable.
  • Sports stories should have quotes from a coach and a player with statistics from the game. Entertainment stories generally don’t have to have sources unless they are about local events. For opinion stories, it is highly encouraged that you find sources to support your beliefs.

Please do not turn in one-source stories or essays from other classes. Look at the stories on the website or other news sites for examples.

Photography and Video Jobs
Photographers and videographers will be working closely with our writers and a small team of creatives to add an interactive visual element to Student Printz stories (News, Interviews, Features, Lifestyle, Opinions) for our website and social media platforms!
A knowledge of how to shoot photos and videos and edit is preferred.
  • Submit at least three samples of your work and a resume to
  • Note: If you are applying to be a photographer, submit photos from three different events/photo sessions.


llustrators will mainly be responsible for adding creative visuals to opinion and entertainment stories, but may also be used for other sections, such as lifestyle, or assist in front page design. 

  • Applicants should know Adobe Illustrator.
  • Applicants should send at least three samples of their work and a resume to Bonus points if one of your samples is inspired by an article published from any news organization. 

Next Steps

  1. The executive editor will look at your application materials and get back to you if they wish to set up an interview time.
  2. You will be interviewed by the executive editor and one other editor at the scheduled time.
  3. Within a week of your interview, you will be contacted by the executive editor about the status of your application.