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Darrin Williams

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USM funds directed to fulfill the needs of students

Student organizations are preparing to apply for funding through the Student Government Association at USM. The IHL board approved the $20 per semester student activity...

New act explores race, privilege

The ensemble performance at USM’s Gulf Park Campus Feb. 16 in Long Beach raised questions about what is “Black PriviLEDGE?” Before the performance the director,...

Science sheds light on Valentine’s trends

It’s time to dust off those romantic-ish movies. Get out your Marvin Gaye records. Valentine’s Day is upon us again. Some people think Valentine’s Day...

NIASS attendees discuss new safety techniques

The convergence of sports security professionals from all over the country to USM’s Gulf Park Campus culminated Jan. 28, the final day of the...

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Media students try to stay positive about post-grad future

Over 1.3 million students across the country prepare for graduation, the biggest challenge they face is finding work in light of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Caution is not enough for students to return

The only way many students will feel comfortable is by rule enforcement to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is put at a halt.
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