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Jack McCallum

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Airlines are clean, people aren’t

A pandemic has taken over nearly everyone’s minds, but if you are walking through an airport, you would have no idea. Coronavirus is serious. Now is not the time to go on your spring break trip.

‘Onward’ does nothing for LGBT representation

Lena Waithe’s character in “Onward” contributes little to the plot, and her sexuality is only referenced in a throwaway line about her and her girlfriend’s kids. The ruckus over the character being the first LGBT character in a Disney Pixar film is pointless because her sexuality would be completely ambiguous if that one line was cut.

‘Onward’ does nothing for LGBT representation

If it were not for that one word, “girlfriend,” Specter would just be some forgettable, undeniably ugly, sexually ambiguous cyclops cop. Read entertainment editor Jack McCallum's thoughts on the Disney film.

Hattiesburg Zoo takes visitors back to Renaissance

People of all ages went to the Hattiesburg Zoo from Feb. 29 to March 1 to craft candles, learn apothecary and watch Shakespearean theater at the yearly Renaissance Festival.

‘Miss Anthropocene’ places listener in dystopia

Grimes’ latest album, “Miss Anthropocene,” plunges listeners into a dystopian future filled with all-powerful A.I. and otherworldly spirits celebrating global warming.

Justin Bieber offers little change on ‘Changes’

After a messy and desperate rollout, Justin Bieber has released his latest album “Changes.” Packed with forgettable, identical, mellow trap-pop, “Changes” repeatedly exposes Bieber’s inability to connect to his audience.

Kesha revives party pop on ‘High Road’

Kesha’s latest album “High Road” returns to party pop while maintaining the singer-songwriter’s new, more earnest brand. Read Jack McCallum's album review now.

Halsey’s ‘Manic’ shows she has the range

Halsey’s latest album, “Manic,” is a confessional pop record that dives into her life post-breakup. “Manic” displays Halsey at her most open...

Must read

Students receive opportunity to request grade changes, accept pass or no pass

Students will have the opportunity to request to permanently change their grade at the end of the semester.

Students travel to dorms for essentials, apply for longer stay

On Monday, the Southern Miss Department of Housing and Residence Life emailed residents notifying them that they have until Friday at 8:59 a.m. to pick up essential belongings from their residence halls.
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