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‘Halloween III’ an underrated gem worth watching

In 1982, John Carpenter and partner Tommy Lee Wallace attempted to move “Halloween” away from Michael Myers and turn it into an anthology series with “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” a movie arguably as good if not better than the original “Halloween.”

‘Ghostbusters’ game welcomes players to ghostbusting

“Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered” is a treat for fans who long yearned for a third installment. For everyone else, it is a fun third-person shooter with a unique element in the form of playing as a person whose job is to catch ghosts rather than kill aliens with a big gun.

‘From Beyond’ is a great way to start October

It is October, the month in which people put carved pumpkins on the front porch and wear costumes to celebrate Halloween. Movies play an important part as well, but instead of recommending popular movies like “Halloween” or “Hocus Pocus,” the Gore Guru is going to dive into lesser-known stuff worth checking out over the course of the month, starting with 1986’s “From Beyond.”

Students more likely to tune in to podcasts than radio

Eighteen percent of podcast listeners are between the ages of 18 to 24, according to studies published by media research companies Nielsen and Edison.

“Borderlands 3” wows fans as one of 2019’s best

2009’s “Borderlands” wowed gamers with its mixture of first-person shooting and RPG mechanics. One sequel, a prequel and a spin-off later, and it is business as usual on the wild, dangerous planet of Pandora.

Pop culture raises mental illness awareness

Since the 2010s, movies and television shows have featured more characters with mental illness. While some of these portrayals are still exaggerated or inaccurate, many more programs are doing a better job of normalizing and raising awareness on the topic.

Southern Miss retention rate below national average

Southern Miss students are more likely to drop out according to national averages. Southern Miss New Student and Retention Programs director Katie McBride said financial, academic and adjustment issues are contributing factors.

Pet ownership relieves college stress

College can be a stressful experience, and one way that students can ease the tension of college, work and other real-life challenges is by owning a pet. However, having a dog or cat staying in the dorm is not an easy process.

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Hattiesburg moves toward a cleaner and greener future

The annual Keep Mississippi/Alabama Beautiful Conference was hosted at the Hattiesburg Holiday Inn Oct. 10 and 11. The conference served as part of a growing effort to reduce littering and increase sustainability in Hattiesburg.

Divided Supreme Court reveals nothing new

It is sad but not shocking that something as fundamental as equal employment rights is up for debate. The recent Supreme Court hearings of cases involving LGBTQ employment rights reveals the amount of growth still needed from all people.
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