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Opinion Stormy Daniels scandal not worth the attention

Stormy Daniels scandal not worth the attention


A “60 Minutes” interview with Stormy Daniels aired with Anderson Cooper as the interviewer on Sunday, March 25. The interview goes through the entire scandal from Daniels’ perspective, starting from when the relationship between her and President Donald Trump began years ago. This “60 Minutes” episode marks the culmination of an ongoing scandal that I would argue doesn’t even matter.

Daniels has said that her relationship with Trump was entirely consensual on both sides. Given this, is there really anything further to talk about? Why are we making such a big deal out of a consensual relationship? It certainly would be one thing if there was something illegal that took place on behalf of Trump, but absolutely nothing illegal took place. Liberals and conservatives alike are very prone to get angry over nothing.

Before Trump came into the picture, Democrats accused the FBI of being corrupt, and the Republicans felt the opposite way. Now, the situation has flipped. When Bill Clinton’s scandal surfaced, Republicans took the moral high ground and were outraged by what had come to light while the Democrats protected him. The scandal involving Daniels and Trump is the exact same. The only difference is that the Democrats are taking the moral high ground and ostracizing Trump for committing a very bad deed, yet not a deed that’s really worthy of the entire nation’s attention.

The president of the United States isn’t required to be moral. However, he is absolutely required to abide by the law, which Trump stands accused of breaking for different reasons. This issue is genuinely a waste of time. It’s truly not a surprise that Trump would do this.

The media would have you believe that this is absolutely worth all of your attention right now. I think the media that’s pushing this scandal knows that there isn’t much substance to it. I think they’re using this as fuel to put pressure on Trump to make him resign, but nothing will make him resign. Trump will be in office until 2020 when he’ll lose to another candidate.

People love to take the moral high ground on issues like this until the issue in question challenges their ideals. Part of the problem we have as Americans is that we can’t put our moral high ground aside to have reasonable talk with one another.

Liberals are very bad about this-they think conservatives are all unintelligent, sexist, racist, evil pigs. They believe that their “superior” intellect means that they know better on every issue. Whether they care to admit it or not, their moral high ground is an illusion, and the belief that they’re open minded is a lie.

Conservatives are also very bad about the “moral high ground” issue among Americans. To them, every liberal is a “snowflake,” and their way is the only acceptable way of life. People are so very afraid of being wrong about anything that they will change sides on issues on the fly to accommodate their respective groups. It’s a consequence of the over socialization of our present society.

I don’t have all the answers to how to fix these issues, but I think a start would be to not make something like our president’s affair—that took place 12 years ago—bigger than it really is.


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