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Dietary needs more easily met off campus

The restaurants and dining services on campus have been open and accepting to students with dietary restrictions. However, students find more options off campus.

Single-sex schools cause disadvantages

Parents who once argued that single-sex education might benefit children are now rethinking their previous principles. Coeducational schools are now increasing in popularity, especially in the south.

Students reflect on fast-food jobs

Many people view the fast-food industry as a low point in the job world. Despite this belief, students who have worked these jobs often gain valuable skills that will help them in the future.

Zoos built purely for human entertainment

Throughout the years, animal rights activists have been evaluating the contribution of zoos in North America. As compared to wildlife refuges, zoos fall short in care as well as providing a natural habitat similar to the home most animals originate from.

Mississippi influencers share their journey

Upon reaching success, bloggers like Kelsie Bynum, Mary Leslie Pajarillaga and Victoria Strickland reflected on how social media helped shape their brands and create the platforms they use today.

Red Jasper provides safe, metaphysical space

Southern Miss graduates Brandiilyne Mangum-Dear and her wife Susan Mangum own the Red Jasper, a metaphysical shop located directly across from Southern Miss’ Hattiesburg campus.

9/11: The South Reflects on Attack

Following the terrorist attack in 2001, the citizens of Manhattan experienced an emotional aftershock, which led them to a crisis response. While the attack was in New York, the South experienced loss as well.

Students anticipate completion of N31st Avenue

As of April, Southern Miss students have been told to steer clear of the road work happening on 31st Avenue near the entrance of campus, but the road should be finished by late November, according to the City of Hattiesburg.

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‘Jexi’ represents everything wrong with modern comedy films

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s “Jexi” is a film about a man who finds himself being controlled by a sentient, Siri-like entity named Jexi. While

Deans prepare for Getting into Graduate School

Photo courtesy of graduate school panel.
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